What We Believe

At Vitalis Accounting we believe an Accountant is the one partner in your business you should not be seeing only once a year.

An unfortunate reality is that it happens too often where an accountant only sees their clients once a year. This annual appointment normally occurs when the financial statements need to be signed off. Sometimes it also happens that this is the day you receive a hefty invoice which is due immediately. Not cool!

It is this frustration that led to the creation of Vitalis Accounting. Ernst and Tiaan created Vitalis Accounting because they want to be known as the accountants who build a business and not as the accountants who you only see once a year.

Why We Have This Belief

Why is your accountant your most important business partner? Well, we believe the answer to this question is fairly simple. Each entrepreneur is a specialist in their own right.

As a plumber, you know where to look to stop a water leak and save precious water from being wasted. A retail shop owner understands the importance of providing quality food at a great price and convenience. As a manufacturer of products, you understand better than most how important it is to keep your costs low.

And so, we are able to mention one important aspect in every industry in the marketplace. Read more on our ABOUT page...


It is extremely important to perform your business’ Management Accounts or Monthly Bookkeeping. It is also important to check on it regularly. Hence, it’s called Monthly Management Accounting.



The mere mention of the words taxation, tax returns or tax debt raises more than just eyebrows with far too many entrepreneurs. We are here to help you sort out your taxes, drop your eyebrows and keep you legal.



The running of the payroll is normally a period of high anxiety and probably the most important activity in your business. Richard Branson is famous for saying that you should keep your staff happy. Your staff in turn will keep your customers happy.



A company’s annual financial statements is a reflection of how the company performed in the previous financial year. These statements should also be used to determine what your company did right in the financial year and what it can improve on.