Individual Tax

SARS requires individuals to submit an individual tax return when they meet certain criteria on an annual basis.

We assist you by completing and submitting your individual tax return and claiming all of the expenses allowed by SARS where possible.

Are you not sure whether you need to submit a tax return? Call us to discuss or visit the SARS website.

Company Taxation

The mere mention of the words taxation, tax returns or SARS debt raises more than just eyebrows with far too many entrepreneurs. The reason for it might be because of the complicated nature of the calculations or the fact that there are so many types of taxes which need to be paid.

We are here to help you sort out your taxes and returns, drop your eyebrows and keep you legal.

Our taxation team focuses on the following important SARS matters:

  • Taxation planning so that you only pay what you need to
  • Personal income tax return (ITR12)
  • Provisional tax returns (IRP6)
  • Company income taxes (ITR14, ITR12T)
  • Monthly payroll taxes (EMP201)
  • Bi-Annual PAYE Employers reconciliation returns (EMP501)
  • Monthly and Periodic VAT returns (VAT201)

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